What To Expect

During a New Patien Exam, we are evaluating your head, neck, face, gums, tissues, tongue, airway, and teeth.  Dental radiographs (x-rays) help us to perform a thorough examination, allowing us to detect cavities, the health of the supporting bone, and other conditions of the mouth, head, and neck

What We Check

The dental examination is a diagnostic evaluation of a patient’s overall oral health and hygiene and involves looking and feeling around the cheeks, gums, tongue, throat, under the jaw, and the sides of the neck, as well as the teeth.

During the Exam

During a dental examination, the doctor or hygienist may:
  • check for signs of decay and periodontal disease
  • perform an oral cancer screening exam
  • ask about any medications
  • take dental x-rays
  • evaluate occlusion (bite)
  • evaluate the jaw
  • provide information about homecare techniques

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