Tooth whitening can provide a dramatic difference in a short amount of time

While our teeth naturally have a variety of colors and characterizations, many of us see a healthy smile as one that is fresh and bright.  Bleaching, or tooth whitening, can help achieve a brighter, whiter smile. This is typically done using a peroxide based medication.  

Teeth can have external staining, or internal staining

External staining is often caused by foods (certain dark fruits and berries, candies), drinks (soda, wines, coffee, tea), and some habits (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, betel nut, marijuana).  

Internal staining may be caused by childhood medications and tooth trauma.  Internal staining can be more challenging to brighten through tooth whitening procedures, but can be accomplished in certain cases.  Alternatively, these teeth may be treated by covering the darkness with bonding, a veneer, or a crown.  

At-Home Bleaching

We take an impression of the teeth and make customized trays.  The whitening gel is applied to the trays and the trays are placed on the teeth and worn for a prescribed period of time. Periodic use is often required to touch up the brightness, as discoloration can recur with our every day foods, drinks, and habits. 

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